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Group Retirement Benefits

    Working at an organization that offers a pension plan is one of the greatest financial advantages a Canadian can enjoy. Pension plans are designed to provide retirement income and help employees reach their retirement goals and for business owners- help retain key employees.

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    Easy Exit: Business Succession in a Nutshell

      Getting into the world of business is a meticulous task, but so is getting out of it Whether you’ve just hit the ground running on your business or if you’ve been at it for a long time, there is no better time to plan your exit strategy than now.

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      Estate Freeze

        An estate freeze can be an integral part of your estate planning strategy. The purpose of an estate freeze is to transfer any future increase in your business’s value (generally shares) that you own to someone else.

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        British Columbia 2021 Budget Highlights

          On April 20, 2021, the B.C. Minister of Finance announced the 2021 budget. We have highlighted the most important things you need to know, including:

          • Changes in the requirement to repay the B.C. Emergency Benefit for Workers
          • Home Owner Grant threshold change
          • PST exemption for electric bikes
          • Elimination of PST rebate for certain vehicle sales
          • Delay in the carbon tax increase
          • Tobacco tax increases
          • Changes to the speculation and vacancy tax

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          Federal Budget 2021 Highlights

            On April 19, 2021, the Federal Government released their 2021 budget. Our article contains highlights of the various financial measures in this budget, divided into three different sections:

            • Business Highlights, including an extension to COVID-19 Emergency Business Supports, new programs to support job creation, and a change in interest deductibility limits.

            • Individual Highlights, including details on the tax treatment and repayment of personal COVID-19 benefits (such as CERB), eligibility changes to the Disability Tax Credit, an increase in OAS for those 75 and up, and support for job skills retraining.

            • Additional Highlights, including a proposed federal minimum wage of $15, changes to the GST New Housing Rebate conditions, and new or increased taxes in areas such as luxury goods, tobacco, and Canadian housing owned by non-resident foreign owners.

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            What’s new for the 2021 tax-filing season?

              Tax season is upon us once again. But since 2020 was a year like no other, the 2021 tax-filing season will also be different. Due to all the changes in both where and how Canadians worked, the Canadian government has introduced some new tax credits and deductions to keep pace with these changes. Our article covers all of the following:
              • How to claim home office expenses
              • The new Canada Training Credit
              • Pandemic emergency funds
              • New digital news subscription tax credit

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              Group Insurance vs Individual Life Insurance

                While it’s great to have group coverage from your employer or association, in most cases, people don’t understand the that there are important differences when it comes to group life insurance vs. self owned life insurance.

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