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The Five Steps to Investment Planning

    An investment advisor can help you figure out what the right investment choices are for you.
    The five steps to investment planning are:
    • Meeting your investment advisor
    • Determining your goals and expectations
    • Developing your investment plan
    • Implementing your investment plan
    • Monitoring the plan
    The sooner you start planning for retirement, the sooner you can get there! An investment advisor can help you get there quicker.

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    Group Retirement Benefits

      Working at an organization that offers a pension plan is one of the greatest financial advantages a Canadian can enjoy. Pension plans are designed to provide retirement income and help employees reach their retirement goals and for business owners- help retain key employees.

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      Business Owners: 2020 Tax Planning Tips for the End of the Year

        It’s a great time to review your business finances now that we are nearing year-end. We have listed some of the critical areas to consider and provide you with some helpful guidelines to make sure that you cover all the essentials. We have divided our tax planning tips into four sections:

        – Year-end tax checklist
        – Remuneration
        – Business tax
        – Estate

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        10 Essential Decisions for Business Owners

          Business owners are busy… they’re busy running a successful business, wearing lots of hats and making a ton of decisions. We’ve put together a list of 10 essential decisions for every business owner to consider.

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          Tax Loss Selling

            Over the last few weeks, the financial market has taken a downturn amidst fears over Coronavirus.

            Understandably, you are concerned with your portfolio, it’s important to stay level-headed to avoid making financial missteps. However, staying level-headed doesn’t necessarily mean you sit there and do nothing. In fact, one consideration you can look is taking an active tax management approach.

            Tax loss selling is a strategy to crystallize or realize any capital losses in your non-registered accounts so it can be used to offset any capital gains.

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            Coronavirus & Market Uncertainty – Federal Government $20 billion economic aid package

              On March 13th, the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, outlined Canada’s response to COVID-19 including new investments to help protect Canadians and businesses. The total value of an aid package could be up to $20 billion across the country which includes $10 billion available through the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) to help small and medium-sized businesses. Here are some details of the programs they are funding:

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