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What to do After a Job Loss?

    Sudden unemployment is a harsh scenario people have to deal with along with economic changes, a change in technology or simply the closure or downsizing of a business. Unemployment imposes a financial, social and psychological cost on you because no one is be prepared to deal with a sudden termination of income and it would

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    Investment Income

                      Usually our concept of income is derived from labor which leads to a fixed or variable wage for a certain time duration. Another type of income is investment income which results from investing in various financial assets. Investment income can take the form of dividends, interest payments,

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      CRS Financial Group’s Summary of Federal Budget 2014

        On February 11, 2014, the federal government announced its annual budget. Several changes are proposed, with the most relevant changes to the financial services industry listed below. Taxation of Trusts and Estates. The government has proposed a potential elimination of graduated tax rates for testamentary trusts created by wills, estates, and inter vivos trusts. A

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        RRSP Deposit vs Mortgage Repayment

          Determining whether to contribute to an RRSP or pay down a mortgage has always been a great debate, for each have their advantages. To begin with, an RRSP contribution is tax-deductible, and it can generate a tax refund for you or it can reduce your income tax liability. In addition, an RRSP will continue to

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          Tax Free Savings Account vs. Registered Education Savings Plan

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