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Individual Pension Plans

                                              Individual Pension Plans (IPPs), offer business owners and incorporated business professionals a way to greatly increase their retirement savings. They enable you to invest annual contributions that go well beyond what you can put

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    The Benefits of Consolidation

      When putting together your financial plan, there is no question about the benefits of consolidation. The importance of having a financial plan is the ability to coordinate, consolidate and be able to implement your plan to achieve your goals.

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      Segregated Funds and Mutual Funds- What’s the difference?

        The Difference between Mutual Funds and Segregated Funds Both mutual funds and segregated funds are a type of investment pool. The financial assets of these pools are owned by the investors. Segregated funds are considered as insurance products sold by an insurance company and have different risks and benefits when compared to mutual funds. Only

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        Property Ownership

          Tenants in Common and Joint ownership are two ways of owning property that couples have as an option. Many couples use the Joint Ownership option as a way to avoid probate.We can help you to figure out the most beneficial way to set up your assets so that the greatest possible share of your wealth

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            Probate- What is It? Probate is a term that refers to the general legal process and proceedings that go on after a person dies. Probate includes several different things, including taking a look at the value of the property owned by the deceased, handling any remaining debts or tax debt that the deceased had in

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